About Us

About Us


As a 100% black owned and managed company, Boganala is committed to the principles of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and strives to address the challenges of youth unemployment and skills developments. Boganala Supplies’ project diversity is a fundamental component of our
business ideal. We continually partner with other companies with expertise in various sectors such and produce world-class work to the benefit of our clients. Boganala Supplies capabilities, resources, expertise and skills enable us to produce quality work.


Boganala Supplies seeks to be leading contractor of choice through
excellent service delivery to both public and private
sectors. In addition to the above we seek to further
develop and shape South Africa through the provision of
employment and training opportunities


Our values provide the standard of behavior by which Boganala Supplies
conduct business. These values represent how we treat we treat one another,
deal with our customers, stakeholders and how we keep ourselves accountable
as a team:


  • The safety our employees, stakeholders and the public at large is our concern.
  • Ensuring that all safety aspects of our work is in place to execute projects successfully


  • Commit to clients realistically and follow up thereby enforcing consistent excellence.
  • Be quick and responsive in business dealings within and outside the organization.


  • Open and transparent communication with high accountability levels
  • Take swift and efficient steps to correct errors or defects and rejecting inconsistent behavior

Pursuit of Excellence

  • Applying with consistency diligence, innovation, timeous and detailed workmanship in all projects and dealings.
  • Open to possibilities and remaining flexible though continuous leaning, coaching and mentoring